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Gender-Based Violence & The Sustainable Development Goals

Thursday, April 18, 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB)
Room: 3000

Kaitlynn Mendes and Nadine Wathen will discuss their current research programs in the area of gender-based violence, and how they relate to key SDGs. Mendes’ research works to better understand and combat gender inequalities and their relationship with digital technologies, while Wathen works to develop, test and mobilize policy and practice interventions to prevent and respond to violence against women. With a forward-looking and interactive approach, they will outline the current challenges and opportunities in their respective areas, and recent and current activities underway to address these. The audience is invited to consider challenges and opportunities in their own fields, as we aim for a robust discussion about doing research and knowledge mobilization on complex topics to drive change. Factors to consider for discussion include the nature of interdisciplinary research; being an effective research partner, and proactive approaches to safe and effective knowledge mobilization

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Samantha Albanese
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