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Pivoting Your Business

Thursday, July 29, 2021
10:00 am

You could say that pivoting is the process of finding product-market fit. When you make a large and almost fundamental change in the way your business works, that’s a pivot. This could mean changing the way you serve your market, changing your business model, or serving an altogether different market. Ultimately, the goal of pivoting is to create a scenario wherein your company achieves a greater market fit and experiences greater company growth and profitability.

Our highly experienced panelists will discuss this topic in further detail - sharing their own experiences and the best advice to position participants well for the inevitable need to pivot their businesses in the future (if they haven’t already).

Panelists include:

Chris Guillon, Co-Founder, VP Finance StormFisher

Glenn Yonemitsu, Managing Director, Executive Advisor for High-Impact First at BDG

Steve Suske, President and CEO at Suske Capital


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