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Dentistry Research Day - Keynote Lecture

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Somerville House (SH)
Room: Great Hall

18th Annual John T. Hamilton Distinguished Lecturer

"Globally competent and locally relevant – why global oral health matters."

Dr. Habib Benzian
Professor of Epidemiology & Health Promotion, NYU Dental College

Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Oral Health of the Americas.

Since the publication of the first Lancet Series on Oral Health in 2019, global oral health has seen unprecedented momentum. For the first time in history, the 194 WHO member states have agreed to tackle the mounting burden of oral diseases in a concerted effort. Within this landscape, pertinent questions arise: What implications does this hold for individual nations, their healthcare systems, the training of oral health professionals, and the trajectories of research?

This lecture will provide a snapshot of the status of oral health globally and outline some of the key challenges that people, health planners and decision-makers are facing today. 

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Noha Gomaa - Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Research

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