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How to Make a Map in QGIS

Monday, October 28, 2019
1:30 pm
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Thursday, October 24, 2019
The D.B. Weldon Library (WL)
Room: Instruction Room (Ground Floor, Map and Data Centre)

This session will teach you the basics of using QGIS (an open-source mapping software) to create a map. We will work from the ground up: accessing spatial data, symbolizing and analyzing our data and finally exporting an output map. No prior GIS knowledge required.

Just as we use a word processor to create documents on a computer, we use a GIS application to manipulate spatial information on a computer. GIS stands for 'Geographic Information Systems' and consists of:

  • Data - the geographical information that you will view and analyze using computer hardware and software.
  • Computer Hardware - computers used for storing data, displaying graphics and processing data.
  • Computer Software - computer programs that run on the computer hardware and allow you to work with digital data.

With a GIS application you can open digital maps on your computer, create new spatial information to add to a map, create printed maps customised to your needs and perform spatial analysis.

Session Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of QGIS open source mapping software
  • Make a map using spatial data
  • Understand how maps could impact and contribute to your research

No prior GIS experience required

Western Libraries
Liz Sutherland - GIS Technical Specialist

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