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Online: Let's Talk Education Community Speaker - Perry Klein

Thursday, November 12, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Online via OWL

The Faculty of Education is pleased to present a complimentary speaker series open to the general public to share research being conducted and facilitate discussion around important topics in education.

"Helping Beginning Writers Find Success"
Dr. Perry Klein, Professor and Associate Dean - Research, Faculty of Education

Talk Summary
Children who learn to write well in Grade 1 continue to succeed throughout elementary school. However, many children struggle with learning to write, including those with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and ADHD. During the past five years, research on writing education has shifted toward ensuring early success for all learners, shedding light on key questions: What skills do beginning writers need? How can we teach writing effectively in classes where students have a wide range of skill levels? And what can parents do to help?  Dr. Klein will present an evidence-based perspective on these questions, drawing on his team’s current work on teaching writing strategies in Grade 1.

Speaker Biography
Dr. Perry Klein began his career as a teacher in North York, Ontario. He completed a PhD in Educational Psychology at the Centre for Applied Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. He leads a team working on a SSHRC funded project on Early Intervention in Writing. Dr. Klein currently serves as Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Education at Western University. He is a member of Western’s Centre for the Science of Learning.  

This talk will be presented online using Collaborate Ultra. Livestream link:

The talk will begin with some welcoming and introductory remarks, and then Dr. Klein will then deliver his presentation. Participants will be able to follow along with his slides, and will hear and see Dr. Klein in a video window. Audience members can ask questions using the chat function.

Please visit the Community Speaker Series webpage for tips on using Collaborate UE.

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