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Visiting Speaker in Chemistry, Professor Robert J. Gilliard,

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Professor Robert J. Gilliard, Jr.   
Department of Chemistry,
University of Virginia

will present a talk entitled:

“Electronic Tuning in the Main-Group: From Subvalent Organometallics to Novel π-Electron Materials”

Abstract:  Research efforts in the Gilliard laboratory span diverse areas of chemical synthesis related to the activation of inert chemical bonds, energy storage, and molecular hybrid materials chemistry. Our work with s-block metals has resulted in a number of advances in the low-valent and hydridic chemistry of the alkaline earth metals (e.g., beryllium, magnesium), including molecular models for hydrogen storage. Recently, we have begun to study heterocycles “doped” with p-block elements for the development of new π-electron materials with unusual bonding and photophysical properties. This has led to the first examples of pyrene-fused N-heterocyclic germylenes and boranes, thermochromic and thermoluminescent borafluorene materials, and stable borafluorene radicals. Our primary goal has been to isolate molecules in rare electronic states and to provide a link between structure and function. This presentation will highlight our most recent results in these research areas.

Department of Chemistry
Joe B. Gilroy - Professor
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