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Brian Hepler - Geometry and Combinatorics (Math)

Monday, February 10, 2020
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Middlesex College (MC)
Room: 108

Brian Hepler (University of Wisconsin)

Title: The Weight Filtration on the Constant Sheaf on a Parameterized Surface

Abstract: On an n-dimensional locally reduced complex analytic space X on which the shifted constant sheaf QX[n] is perverse, it is well-known that, locally, QX[n] underlies a mixed Hodge module of weight <=n on X, with weight n graded piece isomorphic to the intersection cohomology complex ICX with constant Q coefficients. In this paper, we identify the weight (n−1) graded piece GrWn−1QX[n] in the case where X is a “parameterized space", using the comparison complex, a perverse sheaf naturally defined on any space for which the shifted constant sheaf QX[n] is perverse.Â

Adriana Dimova

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