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Neighbourhood SES and Spread of COVID-19

Friday, October 30, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Dr. Kate H. Choi will present her research on COVID-19 infections in Toronto neighbourhoods in

Neighbourhood SES and Spread of COVID-19

Kate Choi
Department of Sociology, Western University

Lower-income neighbourhoods have higher numbers of COVID-19 infections than higher-income neighbourhoods. Yet we know relatively little about why these neighbourhoods are more vulnerable. Using neighbourhood-specific COVID-19 data recently released by the City of Toronto, we (a) compare the COVID-19 trajectories in lower- and higher-income neighbourhoods and (b) examine the extent to which neighbourhoods’ physical infrastructure and sociodemographic composition account for this difference. Until early March, differences in the cumulative number of COVID-19 infections by neighborhood SES were minimal. However, COVID-19 has since spread faster in lower-income neighbourhoods. Until the peak of the pandemic, the physical infrastructure of lower-income neighbourhoods was the key reason why COVID-19 spread faster in these neighbourhoods. After the peak, differences in physical infrastructure played a smaller role. Lower-income neighbourhoods had greater difficulty curbing the pandemic because higher shares of their residents belong to groups particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Our findings illustrate how the pandemic may exacerbate inequalities across neighbourhoods.

Social Science faculty, post-docs, researchers, and grad students will be invited with a Zoom link by email. No RSVP required, but space is limited to the first 100 participants to join the call.

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