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History: So Yesterday

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
10:00 am - 2: pm
Social Science Centre (SSC)

We have a variety of sessions throughout the day the day including lectures, mini-tutorials, interactive sessions, an escape room, and even a scavenger hunt. 

Escape Room @ Western: Historical Problem-Solving

Mini-Lectures led by History Department Professors

  •     Cutting and Bleeding: A History of Medicine with Objects
  •     Food for Thought: Where do the Foods We Eat Come From?
  •     Hands on History: Odd Objects from the Past
  •     "It's the End of the World as We Know It": Histories of the Apocalypse
  •     Killing Fields: Genocide in Modern History
  •     Nazi Paparazzi: Reinterpreting Historical Photos
  •     Netflix and Chill: Exploring the History of Sex
  •     The Battle of Blubber Bay: Chinese-Canadians and the Fight for Equal Pay
  •     The New Old: How History Has Been Reinvented This Century
  •     "Shiver Me Timbers!": Pirates & Piracy in the Public Imagination
  •     "There is No Future": Punk Rock and Why it Matters

Mini-Tutorials led by History Department Graduate Students

  •     The American Presidency
  •     Crime and Punishment
  •     The First World War
  •     History of Food
  •     Maps in History
  •     Nazi Germany
  •     The Occult
  •     Political Assassinations
  •     The Vietnam War

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