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Migration and Diversity in Changing Global Contexts

Friday, April 13, 2018
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Social Science Centre (SSC)
MER Graduate Student Conference 2018: Migration and Diversity in Changing Global Contexts

MER Graduate Student Conference 2018: Migration and Diversity in Changing
Global Contexts

The annual Migration and Ethnic Relations (MER) Graduate Student Conference is meant to allow graduate students to showcase their works in the fields of migration and ethnic relations. The conference highlights a variety of disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches.

The MER Graduate Student Conference is made possible by generous donations from the Migration and Ethnic Relations Collaborative Program, and Research Western, the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS), and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) through the Joint Fund for Graduate Research.

- Keynote: “Not All Roads Lead to Rome: Notes of a “Once-Upon-a-Time a Refugee.” Dr. Clelia O. Rodriguez, UWO. (SSC 6210)

Session 1: Culture and Identity (SSC 6210)

- “’Best English Names’ on the Global Linguistic Market: A Commodification of Chinese Naming Practices.” Federica Guccini, UWO.
 - “’I’m Just Gonna Call You Steven.’ How Having an Ethnic Name Impacts Integration.” Nadja Schlote, UWO.
- "Canada as a Safe Haven?: Homonational Modernity and the In/Authentic Queer Refugee." Jennifer Tran, UWO.

Session 2: Racialization and Anti-Racism (SSC 5220)

- The Changing Spaces of Racism in Brampton, Ontario: A Multimedia Analysis.” Stuart McHenry, UWO.
- “Visible minorities and Aboriginal people in Canada: The impact of ethnic profiling by police on sense of belonging.” Jonathan Cleary and Lianne Mulder, UWO.
- “Deconstructing Internalized Oppression: Ethnic Identity Formation Among South Asian Youth.” Tasmeea Islam, UWO.

Precarity in Migration (SSC 5220)

- “Historical and Contemporary Migration: the “Shithole” Race in Danger.” Sebastien Kouakou, UWO.
- “Challenging “Illegality”: The Role of Toronto’s Sanctuary City Policy in Providing Access to Services and Shifting Perspectives of Belonging for Undocumented Persons.” Sarah Marshall, York University.
- “Ball is in Your Court: Political Economy of Rohingya- a ‘Imagined Community’.” Atm Shaifullah Mehedi, Queen’s University.

Colonialism and Capitalism (SSC 5220)

- “Neoliberalism and its Influence on Jamaican Migration since 1970.” Lianne Mulder, UWO.
- “Don Vasco de Quiroga: The Side Effects of Good Intentions.” Luis Miguel Herrera Bejines, UWO.
- “DNA and Indigeneity in the Age of Big Data.” Jennifer Whitaker, Queen’s University.

MER Student Executive Committee
MER Student Executive Committee
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