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Consumer Behavior in the Global Era

Thursday, January 19, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Social Science Centre (SSC)
Room: 5220
Join MER speaker, Dr. Mark Cleveland, on January 19 at 4:00pm in SSC 5220.

Ethnicity, Identity, Acculturation, and Consumer Behavior in the Global Era

Migration and Ethinc Relations Colloquium Series 

Presented by Professor Mark Cleveland

Thursday, January 19, 2017
4:00 pm, SSC 5220
Refreshments at 3:30pm in SSC 5230

All Welcome!

The pace of societal change has immeasurably hastened due to technological advancements as well as migration and intensified exposure to external cultural forces. Disseminating products, cultural symbols and consumption values, globalization is eroding the frontiers of nation-states, impacting societies as well as the lifestyles, identities and dispositions of people around the world. People can craft identities from a bricolage of social influences that are parochial, world-minded and perhaps even foreign in origin. 

Some believe that this leads to a decentering of the self, whereby stable and discrete cultural identities are receding. Others contend that as opposed to waning, national, ethnic and other localized communal identities are resurgent as individuals attempt to recuperate a sense of constancy in the wake of profound globalization tendencies. Consumption-related values like materialism are pertinent for understanding the maintenance, and expression of identity and cultural affiliation. Products and brands enable consumers to signal affiliation with social collectivities. This presentation reports on my research examining identities and cultural adjustments arising from globalization, and the convergence and divergence of consumer values, dispositions and behaviors, within and across countries.

Dr. Mark Cleveland is Dancap Private Equity Professor of Consumer Behavior at Western University. His interdisciplinary research interests are centered on the topics of global consumer culture, crosscultural consumer behavior, cosmopolitanism, materialism, and social identities. He has conducted research on consumers living in 22 countries. His publications appear in the Journal of International Marketing, the International Marketing Review, the Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, and the Journal of Economic Psychology, and have been featured in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, and on CBC’s Marketplace. Dr. Cleveland’s cumulative scholarly work has more than 2200 citations on Google Scholar. Dr. Cleveland has received numerous honors, including 3 best paper awards, and the Hans B. Thorelli Award (for significant and long-term contribution to international marketing theory and practice). He is Associate Editor for the International Marketing Review and is the Director of Western’s Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethic Relations.

Migration and Ethnic Relations
Awish Aslam - MER Graduate Student Assistant
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