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Algebra Seminar - Olaf Schnuerer (Math)

Friday, January 29, 2021
2:30 pm
Virtual via Zoom

Speaker: Olaf Schnuerer (Universitaet Paderborn)

Title: The inclusion of small modules into big ones: Is it fully faithful on unbounded derived categories


Consider the obvious functor from the unbounded derived category of all finitely generated modules over a left noetherian ring R to the unbounded derived category of all modules. We answer the natural question whether this functor defines an equivalence onto the full subcategory of complexes with finitely generated cohomology modules in two special cases. If R is a quasi-Frobenius ring of infinite global dimension, then this functor is not full. If R has finite left global dimension, this functor is an equivalence. We also prove variants of the latter assertion for left coherent rings, for noetherian schemes and for locally noetherian Grothendieck categories.

This is joint work with Leonid Positselski

Ajneet Dhillon

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