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Talk by Dr. Markus Orasch
July 9, 2019

SMSS Colloquium Talk - Robert M. Corless

Thursday, September 14, 2017
3:30 pm
Western Science Centre (WSRC)
Room: 240

Title: The Bohemian Eigenvalue Project

Speaker: Robert M. Corless
Scientific Director, Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Abstract: "Bohemian" family is a set of matrices with entries drawn from a single finite set, for instance F={-1,0,1}. The name is a mnemonic for "BOunded HEight Matrix of Integers" (BOHEMI...close enough). Such matrices occur in very many applied contexts, including matrices whose entries are drawn "at random" from F, "at random" meaning according to some discrete probability distribution. This talk will explore some recent results, touching on combinatoric, number theoretic, statistical, and computational subjects.

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Rob Corless
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