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Astronomy on Tap

Friday, June 22, 2018
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Forked River Brewing Company
#4 - 45 Pacific Court
London , ON


at the Forked River Brewing Company

Astronomy of Tap is coming to London! Featuring free accessible and engaging astronomy talks by professional astronomers. Join us at Forked River Brewing company THIS FRIDAY. Due to limited space, seating is available for just the first 50 people.

The speakers are Prof. Sarah Gallagher and Prof. Stan Metchev from Western University's Physics & Astronomy Department. Stick around afterwards for trivia and prizes! Following the talks, members of the London Centre Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will be hosting a star party! Members will set up their telescopes in the parking lot to share their passion for the night sky and the public will be invited to look through the scopes at celestial objects on view. (Weather permitting of course!)

"Things That Go Burp in the Dark" by Professor Sarah Gallagher:

Every big galaxy (including our Milky Way!) has a supermassive black hole at its centre. These black holes grow by eating the gas and stars within their reach. Not everything winds up in the belly of the black hole though - some of it gets shot out into space. Come hear about the cosmic "burps" of supermassive black holes and what they do to the galaxies they live in.

"Where the Alien Things Are" by Professor Stan Metchev:

NASA has just reported the discovery of organic matter on Mars. Within three years space telescopes may offer the first shot at detecting life outside the Solar System. And, there’s a chance humanity will send its first interstellar mission in the next couple of decades. ... Really?! Come by and let’s sort out the propaganda from the facts with the help of some beer.

  • Minors must be accompanied by adults
  • Possible profanity and other shenanigans

Drs. Sarah Gallagher and Stan Metchev
Mark Gorski - Post-Doctoral Associate
519-661-2111 ext.80585

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