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Music Education Teacher Workshop: Bridget Sweet

Saturday, February 29, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Talbot College (TC)
Room: 307
Bridget Sweet

Join us for a series of music education workshops (open to teachers), presented by the Music Education Department at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Bridget Sweet presents:

Thinking Outside the Voice Box: Adolescent Voice Change in Music Education

This goal of this workshop is to encourage new and holistic ways of thinking about the female and male adolescent changing voice. Participants will be provided many opportunities to step away from typical considerations of voice change and explore the experience within the bigger picture of adolescence. Conversation will include topics of physical development during adolescence, including the body, brain, and auditory system; vocal anatomy and physiology in general, as well as during male and female voice change; the impact of hormones on the adolescent voice, especially for female singers; and ideas of resolve and perseverance that are essential to adolescent navigation of voice change. A brief examination of voice classification systems and other foundational ideas in choral music education, as well as emerging considerations of adolescent voice change beyond classification systems, provide new food for thought about working with the adolescent changing voice.

Nathan B. Kruse is a Professor in Music Education with Educational Sciences as profile. With a musical point of departure in Swedish traditional fiddle music, I have developed a research profile that focuses on intercultural perspectives on musical learning and creativity(ies). In 2003 I defended my doctoral thesis ”The Oral University. Attitudes to music teaching and learning in the Gambia” – a research project that laid the foundation for further development of musically informed research methods. Further research interests are social sustainability and collaborative learning. I teach educational sciences at the music teacher education program, and supervise students at graduate, master and PhD levels.

This visit is generously supported by the Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund.

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Patrick Schmidt - Chair, Music Education

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