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Music Graduate Colloquium: Roger Mantie

Friday, February 1, 2019
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Talbot College (TC)
Room: 101
graduate colloquium

Presented by Graduate Studies in Music, the Don Wright Faculty of Music Graduate Colloquium series includes lectures by distinguished guests, Western faculty members, and senior graduate students on all fields of research and creative activity in music.

Roger Mantie (University of Toronto Scarborough)
“Enacting the Between: Musical Training and/or Musical Leisure”

Knowing is a direct material engagement, a practice of intra-acting with the world as part of the world in its dynamic material configuring, its ongoing articulation. The entangled practices of knowing and being are material practices.
—Meeting the Universe Halfway
Inspired by Eleanor Stubley’s legacy as a musician and thinker, I use the work of Karen Barad to explore the possibilities of musical leisure in the context of formalized teaching and learning. Using narrative life examples celebrating the idea of leisure as central to wellbeing and quality of life, I draw parallels and contrasts with Stubley’s perspectives on such things as the body, experience, “ear dreaming,” and “transactional reading.” Stubley’s concerns with embodiment and agency, although operating in a different clef than Barad, resonate strongly with Barad’s posthuman and new materialist concepts of mattering, intra-acting, entanglements, and agential realism — all of which I deploy to problematize institutional music learning.

All Colloquium series events take place on selected Fridays in Talbot College 101 at 3:30 pm. (unless otherwise noted). Admission is free, and all are welcome to attend!

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Audrey Yardley-Jones - Graduate Program Assistant
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