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Music Education Seminar Series: Bryan Powell

Thursday, November 15, 2018
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Talbot College (TC)
Room: TC 307
bryan powell

Join us for a series of public lectures, presented by the Music Education Department at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Public Lecture:
Bryan Powell presents "Music Learning as a Second Language Learning - MSL: A New Approach to Music Acquisition"

Based on the principles of Stephen Krashen’s “Second Language Acquisition” (1982), this session will examine an approach to music acquisition called Music as a Second Language (MSL). Developed by a former first-grade ESL teacher, MSL is an approach to acquiring music in a similar way that many people acquire their second languages. This session will examine how MSL might be used to reconceive the ways in which music is taught and learned.

Bryan Powell leads Higher Education Initiatives for Little Kids Rock. Bryan is former New York City Public School music teacher, working in an East Harlem public school for 11 years. Bryan also teaches music education classes at various colleges an universities in the NYC metropolitan area. Bryan is the founding co-editor of Journal of Popular Music Education, a peer-reviewed, academic journal that seeks to define, delimit, debunk, disseminate, and disrupt practice and discourse in and around popular music education.

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Patrick Schmidt - Chair, Music Education
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