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Doctoral Public Lecture - Natalia Skomorokhova

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Music Building (MB)
Room: 140

Please join us for Natalia Skomorokhova’s Public Lecture: 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 10 in MB 140.

The final requirement before a DMA monograph defense is a Public Lecture where the candidate presents her research in an open forum.

Musical Ekphrasis in Concert: Case Study of Alexey Khevelev’s Chagall Vitraux

Piano cycle Chagall Vitraux by Russian composer Alexey Khevelev was written in 1994, inspired by Mark Chagall’s stained-glass masterpiece Jerusalem Windows (1962). Khevelev’s work consists of twelve movements, each named after one of the twelve windows by Chagall, and could be analyzed as an ekphrastic composition. The term musical ekphrasis was introduced in the musicological discourse around two decades ago to describe compositions based on works from the sister arts. The aesthetic category of ekphrasis has existed for centuries and has its roots in Plato’s discussion of the Ideal Form and its consequent representations. As a musical phenomenon the concept was pioneered by German musicologist and pianist Siglind Bruhn, who argues the independence of the genre of musical ekphrasis from the broader concept of program music. However, the concept of musical ekphrasis is still underdeveloped and lacks a strong theoretical foundation. I demonstrate how an analysis of a musical composition inspired by a work created in another artistic medium benefits from the use of the models of image-music interrelationships developed in the field of multimedia studies. I argue that such musical compositions can be coupled with their original referential sources during a live performance, enabling a performer to construct a multimedia presentation.

Candidate: Natalia Skomorokhova
Program: Music 
Time: 10:30 am, 140 Music Building 
Thesis Title: Musical Ekphrasis in Concert: Case Study of Alexey Khevelev’s Chagall Vitraux

Krystyna Locke

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