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Forest City Memories: A Critical Mapping and Visualization..

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Zoom (by registration)

"Forest City Memories: A Critical Mapping and Visualization of the Past across London's Cityscape"

Presented by Basil Chiasson, Kaitlyn Adam and Athena Nadalin as part of the FIMS Seminar Series 2021/2022.

Everyone is welcome. To receive the Zoom link, please contact Karen Kueneman at

Abstract: This presentation describes our on-going research project as that examines the use of the City of London’s civic landscape to re-construct the past and produce collective memories for both residents and visitors. With this project, we have been mapping existing sites, both commemorative and memorial in nature, in order to (a) create a digital and pictorial visualization of the historical artefacts and narratives that are currently on display, (b) identify historical silences that are eliding nevertheless real and significant pasts, and (c) critically appraise those existing artefacts and narratives and re-inscribe those silences into the civic landscape. This three-pronged approach aims to: better apprehend how the city and key stakeholders are depicting the city along with how residents and visitors are experiencing and understanding it; consider how we might adjust and even rethink the depiction of the city; and contemplate how we might enlist different voices and stakeholders to critique and adjust existing narratives but also introduce new histories and memories into an ever-changing cityscape. Case studies for this project range from Indigenous, Black, and Asian histories, to women’s histories, to LGBTQ+ histories, to worker’s histories across London, and from statues and plaques, to street art and murals, to street signs and building facades. The presentation will elaborate a small selection of case studies from this list.

Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Karen Kueneman

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