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Computational Approaches to Studying Anti-Social...

Friday, October 29, 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

"Computational Approaches to Studying Anti-Social Behaviour in Social Media"

A social media workshop presented by Professor Anatoliy Gruzd, of the Social Media Lab, Toronto. Hosted by the FIMS Rogers Chair in Studies in Journalism and New Information Technology.

Open to FIMS graduate students. Register now.

Description: In less than a generation, social media has moved into the center of modern life. It has altered many aspects of our daily lives, from how we form and maintain social relationships to how we discover, access and share information online. However, the same platforms have also given way to troublesome anti-social behaviours such as online trolling, cyberbullying, and expressions of hate speech. In some online communities, what is commonly referred to as ‘anti-social’ may be a communal norm and a way to socialize. But, that is not the case in most online communities where such behaviour may negatively affect the overall group cohesion and may have psychological and emotional consequences for individual social media users.

This workshop will demonstrate how to use automated content analysis to detect and study anti-social behaviours present in social media. The presentation will introduce and discuss advantages and disadvantages of two common approaches often used to detect instances of ‘anti-social’ behaviour in online discourse: lexicon-based and machine learning approaches. The presentation will conclude with the introduction of Communalytic, a new online research tool for studying online communities.

Bio: Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Professor and Director of Research at the Social Media Lab in Toronto. Situated at the intersection of social media research, information management, and communication, Dr. Gruzd’s multidisciplinary program focuses on how social media data can be used to tackle a wide variety of societal problems from combating COVID-19 misinformation to helping educators navigate social media for teaching and learning. Dr. Gruzd is the co-creator of Communalytic and is also the developer of Netlytic. He is currently serving his second term as a Canada Research Chair, examining the application of new privacy-preserving technologies, such as blockchains and differential privacy, particularly in academic research settings.

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