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Contemplating Trump: A Form of Resistance?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:20 pm
FIMS and Nursing Building (FNB)
Room: 4070

Presented by Ajit Pyati as part of the FIMS Seminar Series, hosted by the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

Everyone welcome!

Abstract: Resistance to the many injustices and daily depredations of the Trump presidency is growing.  However, many popular forms of resistance may actually replicate cycles of anger, destruction, and delusion, particularly in a context of media overload and saturation.  This talk addresses this potential pitfall by focusing on a largely neglected form of resistance, one that is rooted in a contemplative perspective.  Specifically, I draw on the work of Thomas Merton, as well as insights from yogic philosophy to understand how contemplation relates to social action in the age of Trump.  I argue that a contemplative approach to resistance takes into account our own contributions to Trumpism and the shadow of American empire, while also offering a way to link inner change with potentially transformative forms of social change.

Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Karen Kueneman

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