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Rethinking and Transforming Media, Communication and...

Monday, November 12, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
FIMS and Nursing Building (FNB)
Room: 4110

"Rethinking and Transforming Media, Communication and Communicative Action: Discourse Ethics, Moral Consciousness and Satyagraha in an Age of So-Called Post-Truth"

Presented by Dr. Ananta Kumar Gigi, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India.

Abstract: Media spheres are deeply important domains of our lives and in an age of internet and social media, we seem to be imprisoned within it. But how do we link media spheres to other spheres of our life? How do we rethink media and communication as not only a space of instant communication but also as spaces for self and co-meditations? How do we grapple with the challenge of Truth in the midst of many untruths and lies that permeate our lives? I bring the perspective of Satyagraha from Gandhi and then relate to Foucault’s concept of hermeneutics of self to reflect upon the challenge of knowledge and Truth in our constructed times.  I also engage with the ideas of Habermas on discourse ethics and communicative action and relate it to the challenges of spiritual transformations to rethink media, communication and communicative action for cultivating alternative different futures.

Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Becky Blue

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