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CEE Distinguished Lecture

Thursday, November 3, 2016
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Spencer Engineering Building (SEB)
Room: 3109

Speaker: Prof. Dragan Savic, University of Exeter

"Water Games – Solving Real-World Problems by Playing Games"

Simulation and optimisation tools have been used extensively in water planning and management. These computer modelling tools are used in various decision-making processes to support rational decision making and have their roots in systems analysis, operations research and decision sciences. The emergence of the above approaches have historically been linked to the experimental work by applied mathematicians and engineers aimed at supporting military operational planning during the Second World War.

Gaming has similar roots in systems analysis, operations research and decision sciences. The earliest use of gaming in support of decision making are war games. They have a long history and originated as devices for planning military operations. The first applications of war gaming are traced back to political-military exercises conducted by the German and Japanese armed forces prior to the Second World War. The use of gaming in a political-military-security context was subsequently transferred to a non-military context, hence the interest in gaming simulation by not only computer scientists and game designer, but also decision makers, public policy makers, engineers and scientists. Mayer (2009) provides a detailed review of publications related to the development of gaming simulation for purposes such as public policy analysis and planning.

This talk focuses on Serious Games (SG) in the area of water systems planning and management. In other words, it focuses on complex problems decision makers (both private and public) face when required to define and evaluate alternative water development plans, technical solutions and management policies. Several definitions are required in order to introduce the basic concepts.

An example of a Serious Game for Water Distribution System Analysis, Design & Evaluation: SeGWADE will also be presented with the analysis of game characteristics, player experiences, the learning process and recommendations for further development. Finally, advantages and limitations of serious gaming would also be discussed.

Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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