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United Way Pizza Lunch

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
11:30 am
John George Althouse Faculty of Education Building (FEB)
Room: Cafeteria

With the support of many campus community members Western's 2017 United Way Campaign launched on Oct. 20. A financial goal of $650,000 was announced with the theme of "Supporting an Umbrella of Caring". Let's work to support the United Way's efforts to change the odds by funding over 80 local programs that support mental wellness, the development of successful kids and help community members to move from poverty to possibility.

Pizza Lunch, Wednesday, December 13 - Cafeteria@ 11:30am

  • Two slices of pizza and a pop will be available for $5!

At each of these events, tickets for a 50/50 draw will be available. A 50/50 draw is a way to fundraise in which money is collected, and then the charity and the winner each receive 50% of the money donated.

The 50/50 draw will take place the afternoon of December 15, 2017

Alyson Watson

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