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Visiting Speaker in Chemistry ~ Professor Robin G. Hicks

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Chemistry Building (CHB)
Room: 115

Professor Robin G. Hicks
Department of Chemistry
University of Victoria

will present a talk entitled:

"Indigo as a template for new dyes, ligands, and materials:  new tricks for a very, very, very old dogs"

Indigo is one of the iconic molecules of organic chemistry. Used as a textile pigment for thousands of years, this compound remains an industrially important chemical as the main colorant for blue jeans.  However, applications of indigo compounds beyond the textile industry have barely begun, despite several attractive features endemic to this molecule (colour, shape, stability, cost).  In this presentation I will describe my group’s progress in designing and discovering new organic and inorganic chemistry associated with indigo. A key aspect of our work aims to understand, optimize and ultimately exploit the rich array of chemical, physical, and materials properties displayed by many of our new compounds.

Department of Chemistry
Joe B. Gilroy - Professor
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